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The Alaska Hand Rehabilitation Mission

Our mission is to provide creative, caring treatment and education for our patients and for the community. We are dedicated to helping individuals avoid or overcome an injury and to experience wholeness following an injury.

Our commitment to excellence is expressed through our dedication and enthusiastic approach to the education of others while constantly expanding our own knowledge and skills. We believe that each individual has the right and the responsibility to manage one's own health and medical care. This site is meant to aid those seeking information to that end.

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Our Commitments

  • To Eliminate or Reduce Pain & Offer Options for Pain Management
  • To Provide the Ultimate Quality in Individualized Assessment & Treatment While Providing Relevant Education to Patients
  • To Assist Patients in Reaching Realistic Personal Goals, Such as Returning to Work & Performing Other Day-to-Day Activities with Optimal Function
  • To Advise in Injury Prevention by Utilizing Principles of Ergonomics to Avoid Further or Repeated Injury, Such as Repetitive Strain
  • To Facilitate Appropriate Referrals to Other Care Providers Who Will Optimize Patients' Health & Well-Being
  • To Make Every Effort to Combine Quality Care with Affordability